The Boomers

Welcome to Our World

Tired of paying taxes? Gaining a little weight? Frustrated about the fact that your teenage daughter wears a nose ring and dyed her beautiful blonde hair black? You might just be a Boomer!

Let your heart not be troubled for you are not alone. We are the Boomers, too young for Medicare, too old for chicks to care and we’re not quite dead yet. The Boomers are here to brighten up your day. We like to call our music AmeriComica, all original classic rock laced with humorous libretto that paints an aural illustration of what life has become for middle aged Americans.

Our music delves into all of the most important issues that Boomers are concerned with. Hip replacement. How many bands sing about hip replacements? Can’t figure out why you enter a room and forgot what you came in there for? Blame it all on mental-pause, or possibly you just might be losing your mind, your sight, your hair, your hearing, or your self-esteem. Are you wondering why it seems that everybody you know has a bigger house, newer cars, and more money in the bank? The Boomers music will answer these age-old questions and tickle your funny bone in the process.

We’re glad you stopped by to visit our world, a place where it’s OK to vent your middle aged angst, share a funny joke or video on our Boomer Humor page, or just hang around and leer. We love to hear from you so please stop by often and vent. “You’re never too old to do goofy stuff” Ward Cleaver.

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