First Standing O!

The Boomers performed at The Reserve of Lake Ridge on 10/2 and the show went extremely well. We video taped the action and will be releasing a promo video ASAP. Dennis was electrifying as he sang “I’m So Fat” in his plaid shorts and over stuffed shirt. Joe G managed to get through the night without forgetting too many lyrics. Unfortunately the same can be said for Joey La and Guy but who cares? We all had fun! After we did our finale “Everyday” everybody was on their fee clapping and having a good ole time. We weren’t sure if it was a real standing ovation, people just wanted to get the hell out of there because the band was too loud or they just needed to go to the bathroom. In any event, it was a standing O and we’ll take it any way we can get it!

One Response to “First Standing O!”

  1. Pat Tanis says:

    It was a real standing “O” at The Reserve! You guys were great! As for forgetting lyrics that’s what us boomers do…so it’s ok.
    All kidding aside – I’ve been the start-up Lifestyle Director in many Ocean County active adult communities and “The Boomers” show is one every association should book. You won’t be disappointed, as a matter of fact it will make you laugh and realize you are not alone. Laughter is the best medicine and the Boomer Show is the perfect prescription! Keep it going…Pat Tanis

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