Sandy Jokes from Carla

Leave it up to our good friend Carla Ulbrich to come up with a few good chuckles courtesy of  storm. From here recent email…

The NY Marathon has been canceled. I guess the runners didn’t sign up for an obstacle course.

As everyone reported from Manhattan, people forgot all about what was going on on Staten Island. It’s as if they were part of New Jersey.

Mayor Bloomberg endorsed Obama. Democrats sent a thank you note to Sandy.

Governor Cuomo wants to now why we are having “once every 100-year storms” every 2 years. I want to know why they are still doing episodes of Two and Half Men.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg is now an absolute believer in Climate change. After watching Republican Governor Chris Christie praising President Obama on TV, I now believe in the apocalypse.

Hurricane Sandy shut down the filming of a movie about Noah. Guess all the wind, rain and flooding forced them to stop creating the needed wind, and rain and flooding.

If Sandy was a legitimate hurricane there wouldn’t have been a storm surge. The ocean has ways of shutting that down.

I think we should sue Sandy for causing early voter suppression.

Best part about gluten-free dairy-free diet: a big storm coming, but I dont have to race to the store for milk & bread.

How do we know the situation in NJ is serious? Carla’s email subject line included the word “gas” and the email contained no fart jokes.

Too soon? OK, back to being useful.

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